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Web country design is a web design business based in the West Country. We provide web design, development, hosting and digital marketing.

Web Design

A design that reflects your business goals

We will dive with you into your business, finding out what you need from the site and provide a design that suits you. Our designs are optimised for the end-user to provide a rewarding experience that prevents them from consuming a competitors product or service over yours.

After doing our initial research, we will draw up some designs on the overall workings of the site, making sure the most important things that affect your goals as a business are upfront and centre. We then experiment with aesthetics, playing around with colours and fonts, intending to give you a design that gives you an edge over your competitors.

web design of embroidery site

Web Development

Sites that you can rely on

Our sites are constantly maintained and monitored by us, giving you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. If you need to update the site at any time in the future, we can arrange this. 

The sites will be fully responsive. No matter which screen size the user will be viewing your website on, everything will operate without fault.

We build optimised sites, making sure they load quickly in your browser. They are also robust as we only use tried and tested methods for the foundations of our sites. 

Web Hosting

Hosting with us gives you speed and security

Our hosting protects your website against hacks by using powerful firewalls. You are also protected against emerging cyber threats as our hosting platform is on the lookout for this kind of thing daily. 

We provide hosting that has a 99.7% satisfaction rating from over 1500+ customers, so we can almost guarantee a totally issue free experience. 

Digital Marketing

We can help generate traffic to your new site


Our approach to PPC (pay per click) revolves around unearthing key insights and utilising efficient account optimisation to generate you results.

PPC is an excellent way to reach an audience already actively searching for your products or services. They are far in the buying cycle, which means they are ready to purchase or sign up – or are very close to doing so. This is the crucial time and space to capitalise on and we can ensure you are in the best position to do so.

You are likely to see some of the highest conversion rates with PPC, so it’s an effective channel to pursue growth for your sales, leads or any other objective.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website in order for it to rank higher on Google and other search engine results pages. This in turn fulfils the aim to drive traffic to your website.

SEO is integral to a digital marketing strategy. When done well, SEO strategies can result in significant gains for your business.

What’s important to remember is the work is never really “complete”. Once you are ranking high, you need to maintain these rankings and keep driving quality traffic to the website.

What makes a great website?

The reason for a website to exist is to achieve a specific goal. A great website smashes that goal out of the park, whether that is to bring more revenue into your business or showcase your services.

At Web Country Design we focus our efforts on your website’s user. If your user can get to where they need to get to on your site quickly and efficiently they will be significantly more likely to buy a product or service and potentially become a returning customer too.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

We ask one primary question. What are your goals for the site? Everything then will revolve around these things. We will make sure you have a fighting chance of achieving them.

We will also ask more practical questions like. Do you have a logo, or do you need one designing? Do you have any branding? Do you want us to take care of hosting? 

Why should we choose you?

At Web Country Design we genuinely care about giving you a site that performs well and is optimised for what you need it for. We have proven to provide a quality service. We are confident you will really love the outcome so you can be very relaxed in choosing us. 

Can you provide your web design services online or remotely?

We prefer to meet people and discuss their website but we can provide the same service remotely. 


Had a fantastic experience working with Mike and Web Country Design. They were extremely hardworking and their attention to detail has meant we couldn't be happier with the end product. We still work with them now and couldn't be more pleased with the constant support we receive, would highly recommend.

Cary Sheppard - Hatch Digital Marketing Ltd

I’ve had a lovely experience with Web country design , they took everything on board and we’re super facilitating as I’m very fussy and came up with better than I expected design for my company website . Highly reccomended.

Mohammed - Clean N Clear Ltd
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